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About the Independent Game Festival

In 2009, the Independent Games Festival (IGF) was brought from the US to China to inspire, encourage and discover brilliant indie game developers from the Pan-Pacific area.

The entry submission deadline for IGF China 2014 was July 25, and we received a total of 373 entries, representing 49% growth over the previous year, a new record! The main and student competitions totaled 252 and 121 entries respectively; 57% and 32% increases over the previous year.

During the last 6 years, IGF China has gathered a strong following of indie game developers from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Turkey and other countries and areas, receiving more than 1000 games from 32 countries.

The 14 finalists will be announced on September 15, 2015 and the IGF China Awards Ceremony will be held on the evening of October 26, during GDC China 2015, where 8 awards will be announced and presented.

Cannot wait to play the indie games and enjoy the Awards Ceremony? Please click here to attend GDC China.

The 7th Independent Games Festival China, featuring the IGF Main Competition and IGF Student Competition, will continue in 2015. There are three main elements to the event.

Independent Games Summit
The Independent Games Summit will be held during GDC China 2015. The summit seeks to highlight the brightest and the best of indie development, with discussions ranging from indie game distribution methods through game design topics, guerrilla marketing concepts, student indie game discussions, to successful stories of IGF overseas winners.

IGF Pavilion
Located in GDC Kiosk area at GDC China, the IGF Pavilion will showcase all finalists for this year's competition in playable formats. Members of the development team for each IGF finalist are on hand to discuss and demonstrate the game and talk to top game publishers and distributors attending the show.

IGF Awards
The IGF Awards will take place during GDC China 2015, and is a major celebration of the best in indie gaming. Authorities and technologists from overseas and domestic game companies, the advisory board members and the speakers of GDC China, the jury judges of IGF China, etc. will be invited to attend the awards.

The 7th Independent Games Festival China competitions will have a diverse, leading set of judges which include representatives of different backgrounds from the mainstream game industry, the press, academic institutions, and significant independent gaming websites.

IGF Contest Overview

IGF Main Competition

Who Is Eligible:

Open to all independent game developers in Pan-Pacific Area (see specific rules)

Submissions Due:

July 20, 2015 at 11:59pm GMT+8

The 2015 IGF Main Competition will give out SEVEN major awards:

  • Best Game
    (RMB20, 000 ~ $3,220 USD)
  • Best Mobile Game
    (RMB10, 000 ~ $1,610 USD)
  • Excellence in Audio
    (RMB5, 000 ~ $805 USD)
  • Audience Award
    (RMB5, 000 ~ $805 USD)
  • Excellence in Design (RMB5,000 ~ $805 USD)
  • Excellence in Technology (RMB5,000 ~ $805 USD)
  • Excellence in Visual Arts (RMB5, 000 ~ $805 USD)

There are TEN specifically named finalists in total. The winners will be selected from those finalists. All finalists will be given THREE free All Access Passes and invited to attend the IGF awards ceremony at GDC China 2015 and showcase their game at the IGF China Pavilion. In addition to the prestige and prizes, all winners will be offered TWO extra free All Access Passes to attend the 2016 Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco.

IGF Student Competition

Who Is Eligible:

Open to all student game developers in Pan-Pacific Area (see student-specific rules)

Submissions Due:

July 20, 2015 at 11:59pm GMT+8

The IGF China's Student Competition, the premiere competition highlighting top student-created indie games within the region, will give out the awards as follows:

  • IGF Best Student Game (RMB10, 000 ~ $1,610 USD, 1 Winner)
  • IGF Excellent Student Winner (RMB3, 000 ~ $483 USD, 2 Winners)

  • There are SIX specifically named finalists in total with winners selected from these finalists. All finalists will be given TWO free All Access Passes and invited to attend the IGF awards ceremony at GDC China 2015, as well as showcase their game at the IGF China Pavilion. In addition to the prestige and prizes, all winners will be offered opportunities of the priority recommendations to the famous overseas and domestic game companies.

    Note: Individual income tax of the cash prize will be withheld and remitted by the "IGF China 2015 Committee"

    Key IGF Dates & Deadlines

    Here are specific submission deadlines for the 2015 event:

    • March 23, 2015
    • July 20, 2015
    • Sept. 15, 2015
    • Oct. 25-27, 2015
    • Oct. 25-26, 2015
    • Oct. 26, 2015
    • Oct. 26, 2015
    • Submissions are Open
    • Submission Deadline
    • Finalists Announced
    • Game Developers Conference™ China
    • IGF China Pavilion @ GDC China
    • Independent Games Summit @ GDC China
    • IGF China Awards Ceremony (Winners Announced!)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I live outside China. May I enter the IGF China Main and/or Student Competition?

    Yes, if you live in the Pan-Pacific area, including anyone in the Asian and Australasian regions.
    We are working on more than one game. Can more than one game be entered in the IGF China Main and/or Student Competition?

    If I'm invited to appear at the IGF China Competition, do I have to bring my own computer or console/handheld too?

    Yes. The Festival management will provide the display pod and the Internet connections (if required) for all finalists at IGF China, but you will need to bring your own PC/console and other accessories.
    My game is complicated. How can I make sure that judges understand and play it correctly?

    One excellent way to do this is via video. We allow you to attach a video link to your submission or even upload it to FTP alongside your submission. Also feel free to link to other background information.
    Can I update my game after entering the competition?

    If you submitted via FTP, you can upload new builds of your game at any time. Please make sure you include the upload date in the filename so judges can easily see which the latest is. Please note that after the competition deadline, judges may look at your game at any time. You can continue giving us new versions, but we only absolutely guarantee that judges will see the version of your game uploaded at deadline time.
    What systems must a game run on?

    The IGF China Competition officially supports any platform - PC, console, web, mobile, etc. Some of our judges also have access to console development kits - please specify what is needed in your submission. We may need your help arranging some hardware if it's an older console or something hard for us to lay our hands on, but we will bend over backwards to support whatever platform you run on.
    It's been X days since the deadline for submissions has passed. Is it too late to enter our game into the festival?

    If you don't make the cutoff date, we can't accept your game. Sorry -- it's in the interest of fairness to all the other entries, who had to cut their development cycle short to get their games in on time. You can always enter the Competition next year!


    Jury Chairman

    Simon Carless
    Chairman Emeritus (Independent Games Festival) and EVP of UBM Tech Game Network

    Simon Carless is the Chairman Emeritus of the Independent Games Festival and Executive Vice President of the UBM Tech Game Network, overseeing the GDC events worldwide and He has previously worked as a writer/editor for tech site Slashdot, and as a game designer for companies such as Eidos Interactive and Atari.

    Jury Members

    Kevin Li
    TipCat Interactive

    Mr. Kevin Li is the CEO of TipCat Interactive, which is a new social media company focusing on social game and mobile game development. Before, Kevin Li was the Exec. Director of ACTIVISION China and be in charge of the strategy growth in East Asia. Kevin joined UWINK (NASDAQ: UWNK), a Nolan Bushnell's game company for video game production after turned back from L.A. in 2000. In 2003, Kevin founded Studios Qin, focusing on the production of MMOG and Console Online games. Studios Qin raised $4m VC in 2005 and was acquired by Vivendi Games in 2006. Kevin was named as the MD of the new born Sierra Online Shanghai. In 2008, after the M&A of Vivendi Games and Activision, Kevin was named Strategy Growth Director, Greater China of ACTIVISION.

    Mr. Kevin Li is a 9 years veteran of online game & video game production. Kevin used to help uWink to ship over 30 video games, and volumes of XBOX360 Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 Network games including Arcadian Warriors, Carcassonne, Lost City, Mini Golf Adventure, Gin Rummy, Cribbage and PC MMOG - Creature Hunter Online.

    Tiexin Liang

    Tiexin Liang is the founder of a well-known Chinese indie game website. He has been in the internet industry since 2000. He worked on website design and operation for leading companies such as and In 2008, he founded, and was gradually known among the players by recommending three small casual games daily. In 2011, he was the judge of FGDC (a flash game jam), and meanwhile founded, focusing on the indie games development in the fields of Flash, Unity, HTML5, and mobile games, etc. Till the end of 2013, Tiexing has personally playtested and recommended over 5000 games. He is skilled in digging out the highlights of different games. His current position is the creative director of, and the special contributor of "Ultra Console Game."

    Monte Singman
    Vice President, iDreamSky
    Chief Professor, Digital Entertainment School, Shanghai Theater Academy
    Visiting Professor, Jilin Animation Institute

    Mr. Singman is currently the vice president of iDreamSky (NASDAQ:DSKY), the biggest mobile game publisher in China. Monte is also the Chief Professor at Shanghai Theatre Academy heading up digital entertainment school. Monte founded Zona in Silicon Valley in 2000, which was acquired by Shanda Entertainment (NASDAQ:SNDA) in 2003 prior to Shanda's IPO, later he headed up Shanda's international business development and the 460 staff product development department.

    Monte is a 28 year veteran in video game industry, worked for Sony, EA, Capcom, and Atari, participated in the production of John Madden Football, Test Drive Off Road series, Street Fighter series, Looney Tunes Racing, Hello Kitty Cubi-land and other titles. On top of his professional career and lecturing duties, Monte also founded IGDA Shanghai chapter in 2005.

    Chen Wang

    Chen Wang joined Popsoft in 1998, which was the most influential game and software magazine in China. Through his Popsoft career, he worked as Director of Reporter Department, Director of Editor Department, and Executive Editor-in-Chief, writing and publishing several feature articles, and gained widespread influence in the industry. Chen Wang always pays close attention to the development of game industry in China and the game products. He published the first Annual Report on PC Game Industry in China in 2001, which continues today. In November 2011, Chen Wang and Jiayin Zhu co-founded Chuapp (, committing to providing the professional and social readers the best quality info services on mobile games. Within half year after the launch, Chuapp has rapidly drawn the attention from the game industry and other public media.

    Cloud Wu
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Ejoy Tech

    Cloud Wu is the co-founder of Ejoy Tech and works as CTO. He has a deep passion on programming, maintaining the skynet, open source game server framework, as well as the open source game engine ejoy2d. He has continuously written the technology during the ten years and shared his own technology development at the personal blog

    Xubo Yang
    Professor & Director
    Digital Art Lab School of Software Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Dr. Xubo Yang is a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is now in charge of the Digital Art Lab at School of Software and the digital media educational program. In 1998, he received a Ph.D degree in computer science at the State Key Lab of CAD & CG in Zhejiang University. From 1998 to 2001 he was a research scientist in the Virtual Environment group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication (IMK) in Germany. From 2001 to 2003 Xubo worked as a senior researcher at the Mixed Reality Lab of National University of Singapore. In 2009, he visited Shanghai Ubisoft Studio for half year collaboration. His research interests focus on next-generation media art computing technologies in the context of computer graphics, computer vision, real-time rendering, augmented reality, virtual reality and novel media interaction. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers in the field of virtual and augmented reality, computer graphics, human computer interaction and entertainment computing. He is member of IEEE and ACM.

    Haipeng Yu
    Tencent Shanghai

    Mr. Yu Haipeng is currently working as producer in Tencent Shanghai. He used to be the producer of Ubisoft Shanghai and be in charge of next-gen original creation project. Mr. Yu has been working in gaming industry for more than 11 years, and especially experienced in console game development, with participation in next-gen games like Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Rayman Raving Rabbids and etc.