Workshops and tutorials take course over a full day, providing deep-dive focus on each topic. Come share with and learn from some of the best and brightest in the game development industry.

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Fast Cross Platform Casual Mobile Game Development using HTML 5 and Native Wrapper Solutions


  • Cyrus Lum, CEO, (Big Huge Panda)


This workshop will be an in-depth look into cross-platform, high performance casual game development for major mobile platforms using HTML 5 and high performance native wrappers. With the latest "splintering" of mobile OS's (Samsung's Tizen, FireFox's OS, Blackberry, iOS, Android, etc) Trying to develop for mobile devices can become a daunting task. Fortunately, these newer OS's are choosing to base their development environments on HTML 5. This workshop will take attendees through 3 different options (Impact-Ejecta, CocoonJS, Tizen) of developing HTML 5 games that can match native app speeds – enabling a developer to create high performance games that may also include 3D acceleration through WebGL.


Game Development Optimization


  • Tec Liu, Technical Director, (Unity)
  • Xin Zhang, Technical Engineer, (Unity)
  • Qing Feng, Technical Engineer, (Unity)


How to develop 3D web games with Unity engine. This talk will focus on the technical tricks and tips for creating 3D MMO web games, especially about performance optimization and network solutions.

How to improve performance of 3D mobile games with Unity3D. This talk will introduce how to optimize elements of 3D mobile games by combining characteristics of mobile platform and unity engine.

Introduce the technical points for porting mobile platform games to PC, IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Window 8, Windows Phone8, and other platforms by using Unity 3d. In-depth research on platform and platform porting process, hardware platforms include domestic cloud TV, smart phones, smart TV, smart set-top boxes. This talk will explain and demonstrate the Chinese localization for various games in the localization process, platform payment, payment SDK integration, multi-platform adaptive technology (resolution, manipulation of the game).

Main content:
Introduction to game porting Blackberry and windows Phone Store platform technology and practice:
Chinese localization of Unity3D game porting localization process
SDK integration of Unity3D game porting localization process.


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