The Summits at GDC China return this year for two days of lectures, panels, postmortems and more, to foster community-building within emerging sectors of the game industry.

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Independent Games Summit

The Independent Games Festival China (IGF China) serves to promote the development of independent games, showcase the best-of-breed products and foster collaboration among the Chinese game development community. During these tough economic times, the Independent Games Summit will facilitate the sharing of best practices and the improvement of business models. Additionally, this summit strives to create business opportunities in order to help original Chinese games flourish not only in design and technology, but also in content and more. The Independent Games Summit will be held in conjunction with the IGF China. Visit for more information.
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Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit

The Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit at GDC China brings together top game developers from around the world to share ideas, introduce best practices and discuss the future of gaming on established and emerging smartphone and tablet platforms, including iPhone/iPad, Android, and more. This full day program will highlight the nuts and bolts of great game design and reveal successful business strategies behind this new breed of popular smartphones & tablets.
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Virtual Reality Summit

The Virtual Reality Summit at GDC China brings together top developers to share ideas, discuss best practices, and consider the future of gaming on virtual reality platforms. This half-day program will showcase the latest trends and techniques in developing games for this new and exciting market.
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