The Game Developers Conference™ China (GDC China) continues to be the premier professional conference for the creators of games and interactive entertainment in Asia. Join the world's leading developers to exchange ideas, be inspired, and to further advance the business, knowledge and technology behind game creation in Asia.

This conference is all about sharing by dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable individuals. The event and the experience is generated by people like you, dealing with the most relevant topics that are impacting developers today. So we invite you to submit your proposals, and we look forward to hearing your ideas. The call for submissions are now closed, thank you for your submissions!

Submission Guidelines

Please Read

Vendor-Specific Proposals
The Game Developers Conference does not accept product or vendor-related submissions. If your talk is a thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product, technology or service your company is offering, please do not apply. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for information on exhibiting and other vendor opportunities, including sponsored sessions.

All presentations must be submitted by the original authors
We currently only accept submissions by original authors of the presentations. PR firms, speaking relation firms, and all other parties who are not direct authors of submitted presentations are discouraged from submitting a proposal on behalf of their clients/speakers. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process.

Submission Deadline

The deadline to submit a speaker session to GDC China is Friday, May 22nd at 23:59 PST.

Submission Criteria

The Advisory Board will review and rate submissions based on the following criteria:

  1. Concept: This is the basic idea of your submission. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it be beneficial for game developers to hear? There is plenty of room for innovative ideas and also the tried and true.
  2. Depth: Is the basic idea well considered and thought out? To what extent will the audience gain insight? The more in-depth, the better.
  3. Organization: Are your ideas conducive to present in front of an audience? Will the Advisory Board understand what you are trying to say? Organization helps.
  4. Credentials: How do your credentials qualify you to speak on the topic you have proposed?
  5. Takeaway: Is the attendee going to leave this session knowing something they didn't know when they walked in? Are they learning or being inspired? This is the most important aspect of every GDC China session. The submissions will be rated on a one to five scale by each of the reviewers and the resulting scores are averaged. Those submissions in each category with the highest scores are considered first. In the case of topic overlap, a lesser scoring submission may be selected to keep variety in the program.

Submission Expectations

Conference attendees are generally very intelligent. They are looking for material that is not obvious and expect excellence from our speakers. After your presentation, they will evaluate it based on delivery, knowledge of the topic and the visuals presented.

Preparation is one of the most important factors in delivering a successful talk at GDC China. Please keep the following in mind when you propose to speak:

  • The proposed outline you submit now must match the talk you actually present at GDC China
  • At least 80% of your session content should be the first time to present at GDC China 2015
  • We suggest that you commit AT LEAST 20 hours to prepare for your session
  • We strongly encourage that you rehearse the delivery of your session for it to be effective; preferably in front of your peers (one tip is to video tape yourself speaking then review it. This is also a great way to practice pacing and timing)
  • Your presentation materials must be completed and submitted to us for review and approval before the deadline specified by the conference
  • You agree to make presentation at any day during GDC China (October 25 - 27, 2015)

Track Descriptions and Topics

Below is the list of tracks that GDC China 2015 will focus on:

Business Business & Marketing
The Business & Marketing Track seeks to educate and inform developers about the business of game development and ways in which their business can be improved.
Audio Game Design
Creating compelling, immersive games requires understanding, visualizing, demonstrating, and tuning the interactions of an ever-increasing number of game tools and systems. While game designers need to understand the possibilities of new technologies, the Game Design Track reminds developers that they must also continue to master the traditional disciplines of drama, game play, and psychology.
Audio Production
In recent years, game industry production challenges have been split between large budgets for persistent online games, and significant new production challenges from social, online, smartphone and other emerging types of game. The goal of the Production Track is to provide developers with concrete tactics for managing game production, no matter what size or scope your game is.
Programming Programming
As new platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, programmers face an ever increasing challenge to produce games that capture the attention of the public and the media. The Programming Track focuses on these challenges and the opportunities presented by next and current generation development including: mature consoles, new handhelds, a highly competitive sales environment, and increased demand for very high production values in games.
Smartphone Smartphone & Tablet Games
The Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit brings together top game developers from around the world to share ideas, introduce best practices and discuss the future of gaming on established and emerging smartphone and tablet platforms, including iPhone/iPad, Android, and more.
Independent Games Independent Games Summit
The Independent Games Summit will facilitate the sharing of best practices and the improvement of business models. Additionally, this summit strives to create business opportunities in order to help original Chinese games flourish not only in design and technology, but also in content and more.

Presentation Formats

As you can see below, there are multiple time period choices. It's up to you to select the appropriate duration for your session.

Format Duration Description
Lectures 60 minutes Lectures are issue-oriented, provide concrete examples, and contain both practical and theoretical information. They are 60 minutes long (including answering questions from the audience). We generally prefer only one speaker but we may accept two if you can demonstrate the second person is necessary.
Panels 60 minutes Panels take many different viewpoints on a topic or issue and combine them in one debate session with a moderator. Debate among panelists (with very different opinions) is welcome and audience participation time should be accounted for. We prefer 60 minute time for this format and no more than 5 people. Include all of the panelists you have confirmed in the proposal. A very limited number of panels will be accepted.
Tutorial Half-Day/Full-Day Tutorials (simply) must teach attendees new skills. Think of this as (informal) classroom training. It can be interactive; you can have them work in teams; you can give them challenges; you can include competitions. The result of the time period MUST be that they'll feel they've learned something truly useful in the world of game development. It can be a skill, an ability, a method or even the mastery of a tool.

NOTE: We do NOT supply any hardware (like laptops) for the attendees.  If you need the attendees to bring anything with them, this must be CLEARLY stated in your abstract.

Submission Form

The submission form will ask you for these five key items:

  1. Contact information
    Please provide full contact information. The email address for the speaker is mandatory.

  2. Speaker Biography
    In 100 words, tell us about your professional experience in the game industry, including game credits, as you would have it appear on the GDC China website and in the show program.

  3. Session Title
    Provide a session title matching the topic in fewer than 10 words.

  4. Track
    Select one track; a secondary track is optional if your session topic overlaps in discipline.

  5. Audience Level
    Select one:
    All: Open to all experience levels.
    Intermediate: Targeting 4+ years of experience in the field.
    Advanced: Targeting 8+ years experience in the field.

  6. Session Description
    In 100-words or less, provide a concise description of your session as you would have it appear on the GDC China website and in the show program.

  7. Attendee Takeaway
    In 50 words or less, tell us what new knowledge attendees will gain from this presentation. Be specific by giving concrete examples and remember that GDC China attendees are experts in their field.

  8. Intended Audience
    In 50 words or less, describe your target audience and who will benefit from your presentation. Is prerequisite knowledge necessary for understanding the content of the session? If so, what are the prerequisites?

  9. Session Focus/Extended Abstract
    In 500 words or less, tell us what topic will be the main focus of your talk. Be specific. Do not tell us in vague terms what the presentation will be about; instead, detail exactly what it will cover and provide concrete examples, data, research, graphs, conclusions, etc.

  10. Public Speaking History & Web Link(s)
    Tell us about previous speaking engagements and the ratings you may have received. Also provide links to your company's website(s), personal blog(s), projects you're working on, etc., to support your proposal. Please do not offer links to news articles. Mark N/A if this is not applicable to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of speaking?
The benefits of being a speaker include:

  • Access to all conference sessions, summits, and the GDC Kiosks
  • 3-day lunch during the conference
  • Access to GDC China 2015 VIP Banquet
  • Your name and presentation featured in our conference program and official website
How do I propose a vendor-specific session?
We want our talks to be opportunities for professional game developers to share their ideas and experiences. Proposals that are commercial or marketing in nature will not be considered. In general, content specific to proprietary products and technologies is considered sponsored material. The Advisory Board and conference management reserve the right to exercise their editorial discretion. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for information on exhibiting and other vendor opportunities, including sponsored sessions.
When will I be notified of the status of my submission?
Please understand we will not notify each submission, only if your submission is selected you will receive one email before July, 2015. If you do not hear from us, please contact Anne Yao (China) or Meggan Scavio(USA), thanks.