7 Steps to Mastering Native Advertising on Mobile
Stephen Chung (AppLift Inc.)
In this session, we start off by comparing the various mobile monetization models and see why advertising is a great option for app developers. We then shed light on the main metrics to consider for ad-based monetization, and give an overview of the most common formats available. We continue by explaining some of the challenges that traditional mobile advertising entail. We then show how novel, innovative forms of advertising, such as native ads, overcome these challenges by taking the user into consideration to achieve effective monetization with minimum churn. We go on by providing practical tips on the best ways to successfully implement ads maximize monetization and give them a native feel; we'll see that ad's placement, trigger as well as its level of integration into the UI and UX of the app are thereby key. We finish by explaining how to achieve a complete native advertising experience within your app.
Managing Game Development Process and Creativity Across Regions and Cultures
Andy Zhong (FunPlus)
Developing a successful game when team members are located in different countries can be daunting. Factors from culture, language and time differences must all be considered. FunPlus has developed a solid stable of casual games such as Family Farm, Family Farm Seaside, Fantasy Slots and Royal Story, with teams in Beijing, Xi'an, San Francisco and Vancouver. Co-founder and CEO Andy Zhong will share key takeaways on how a global team was brought together to develop innovative "sticky" games that have become hits in the West.
Publishing Mobile Games in China to Become Global Hits
Jung Suh (Yodo1)
While the global game industry is very interested in China as a market, it's paid little attention to China-based developers publishing games for a global market. This talk will discuss the best practices Chinese developers can apply to successfully bring their games to an international audience, drawing on lessons from the publication of OMG:TD!, a Greek god-themed casual tower defense game which currently has over 3 million players, over half in the West, developed by Shanghai-based studio Red Rocket Games and published by Beijing-based Yodo1.

Business    DESIGN

Every Game is a Hit - A User Research Process to Deliver Successful Games
Graham McAllister (Player Research)
Making sure games resonate with, and are enjoyed by, players has never been more important, but many games are only playtested late in the development where making changes are costly, if they are playtested at all. This talk will outline a complete games user research process, that is much more than playtesting, and can be implemented from day one of design right up until after the game has shipped. The stress will be on teaching developers what they can realistically achieve in this area, no matter their budget.
From Theory to Practice: Data-driven Design
Nils Pihl (
Behavioral Engineer Nils Pihl gives live demonstrations how A/B testing and behavioral analytics can help improve the metrics that most matter to your game, using familiar games and genres to show how to avoid common and costly mistakes. Using a Flappy Bird clone and a generic platformer as an example, the speaker demonstrates how a small initial investment in A/B testing and behavioral analytics can improve your game and increase your revenues, while teaching the audience how to spot and avoid common and costly mistakes.


Advanced Real-time Path Find in Dynamic Environment in Supernauts
Harri Hatinen (Grand Cru)
Efficient path-finding and navigation algorithms are a very essential part of any game AI. In Supernauts we used path finding heavily on both client side for control mechanics and on server side for NPC AI. That meant that our algorithm required to work on dynamic environment, with minimal pre-calulation and very fast. After a lot of research work and experimentation we ended up implementing a NavMesh type of data structure that creates itself on-the-go depending of the requests from the game. The session will show you how we processed existing research for our specific needs and the implementation details of our final data structures and algorithms.


Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit

Naughy Kitties Postmortem: Making Breakthroughs from Compromises
Wesley Bao (Coconut Island Studio)
This session will share a thorough introduction on the developing process of Naughty Kitties and the way to develop No.1 iOS game in China App Store by the indie developer, which also ranks Top 25 in the US and Japan Stores. How we achieve the transition from casual game developer to mid-core F2P game developer, and how we preserve the innovation of games and meanwhile make them profitable will be explained. Wesley will reveal the compromises, the persistence and the shortcomings they have made during the development.
Unlocking World Game Markets from China
Charlie Moseley (Tap4Fun)
What make 95% of games developed in China unable to find success overseas? Learn the secret to unlocking worldwide markets from China in this session delivered by the Creative Director of one of China's most successful game developers, Tap4Fun. From game design and production, to localization and marketing, this is a comprehensive overview of the necessary ingredients you'll need to overcome China's cultural borders and take on the world.

Business    TUTORIALS

Profiling & Optimizing Mobile Games on Android Devices
Remi Breton (iDreamSky)
The Android device fragmentation is giving the game developer a big challenge to reach as many users. Specially in a place like China where low-end device still occupy a big part of the market. Profiling a game using the right tools can provide useful information about the game weakness and help developer to adjust assets and codes to find the right balance between compatibility and performance. During this tutorial, many techniques will be shown to identify different problems affecting performance & RAM consumption as well as solutions to modify the game to access even more devices.

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