These seasoned industry professionals have volunteered their time to help construct GDC China's conference sessions. They work to ensure that the quality of the content provided to attendees is high-level, relevant, and timely. Their dedication is critical to the success of the conference.


Eric Chang
XPEC Entertainment Inc.
Eric Chang graduated from National Tsing Hua University with a Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990 in Taiwan. Currently working at XPEC as CTO, he is in charge of the planning and development of central technology for XPEC group. He has been working in the game industry for over 20 years. Since 1993, he has taken the role of lead programmer, programming manager, technical director, producer, production director or general manager during various phases in his career, and also has had many co-development experiences with North America and Japanese game developers such as Activision, NBGI, SCE Asia and Metro3D. He has participated in over 15 titles production across different video game platforms (PC, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PS3, GBA, GameCube, NDS, and Wii) throughout the years.

Eric is the co-founder of XPEC. During his tenure at XPEC, he led the development of 3D and networking engines for multiple platforms. Furthermore, he also involved in the notable titles production of Bounty Hounds for PSP , Kung Fu Panda for Wii & PS2 and Dongfang Queshen for PSP published worldwide.

Recently, he has involved in the development of a new cross-platform 3D game engine & tools for both web browsers and mobile devices platforms. It could support native code C/C++, Flash 3D and HTML5 game development. Several 3D titles for web browsers or mobile devices, including Maze Myth, Dao Tian Lu and Xian Ling Jian, had already been developed by using this new engine.
Billy Hsu
DJL Worldwide
Billy Hsu is a computer game and software executive with extensive experience in development and operations in both US and China. Billy is currently the CEO for DJL Worldwide, where he consults for international investors and game companies in evaluating investment opportunities. Previously, Billy held various managerial positions at game and technology companies, including Electronic Arts (EA), Portola Dimensional Systems, and Autodesk. While working at EA, Billy built the Sims console franchise in US and then EA China Studio in Shanghai. Billy is a recognized expert in building and managing game studios for PC, Console to Online platform. He led AAA titles such as SimCity, The Sims, and Pogo China. Billy sits on the board of GDC China and speaks frequently at SIGGRAPH and other game and animation related events.
Jian Shu
Shanda Games
Mr. Shu has served as the vice president of Shanda Games since January 2013. Since his joining in the company in 2003, Mr. Shu has served in numerous positions, including assistant general manager, general manager, deputy director, director and producer, etc. Under his leadership, the Research and Development team of Legend Studio was established. At the same time, Mr. Shu served as technical director at the Technical Center of Shanda Games, involving in game development.

Prior to joining Shanda, Mr. Shu worked for Shengli Oil Field and China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation from 1994 to 2002. Mr. Shu holds a Bachelor degree in petroleum engineering from Southwest Petroleum University.
William Chen
Haymaker Games
William Chen, Founder & CEO for Haymaker Game, left Shanda on Feb 2013, on May, 2013, started a new game company called Haymaker Game which focuses on developing and publishing mobile games.

William had served as Chief Technology Officer of Shanda Games since September 2011. William joined Shanda Games in December 2010 and served as the Vice President of product development. Prior to joining Shanda Games, William served as Technical Director at leading international publishers including Electronic Arts Inc., Disney Interactive Studios,Inc., and Activision Blizzard,Inc., and worked on leading titles including titles including Call of Duty 3, Final Fantasy VII and Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. William holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from California State University.
Jeff Lyndon
Jeff Lyndon is the co-founder of iDreamSky, the largest mobile game publishing platform in China. He has over 14 years of experience in game development and publishing industries. His first game was Shadowbane, one of the first few 3D MMORPG in the world in 2001.

Since the joining of Jeff, iDreamSky has successfully transformed from being a smartphone application outsourcing studio to becoming one of the best mobile game publishers in China. Through Jeff's leadership, iDreamSky has successfully secured partnership with the world's top game developers including Halfbrick, Imangi, Kiloo, Devsisters, Smilegate, Namco Bandai, Joycity, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Disney Interactive, Miniclip and many more.

Jeff is also the first Asian who has won the 30 under 30 Developer award by DEVELOP magazine at 2009. He is also one of the the charter member and co-president, International relationship of GMGDC (Global Mobile Game Developer Confederation).
Richard Tsao
Riot Games
Rich is currently finding and nurturing great talent to deliver the best gaming experience for Riot Games' Chinese players. Prior to being a Rioter, he gathered over 15+ years of experience in the gaming industry as an executive for Ubisoft and as a senior manager at Crytek and Microsoft.
Yingfeng Ding
Mr. Yingfeng Ding, Vice President of NetEase now, started his journey in game industry from 1998 and he engaged in game development and design work to lead to complete the game named The QunXiaChuan cologne; He joined NetEase in 2002 starting from the numerical design team of Westward Journey Online II and then was in charge of development and operation work of Fantasy Westward Journey to lead the team to make remarkable success repeatedly with his abundant of game production and project management experience. Since September, 2011, he served as Vice President of Netease to guide the work of Online Game Business Division. As well-known game production expert and excellent enterprise manager in game industry, Mr. Yingfeng Ding strives for excellence of development concept and management style and made extraordinary contribution to NetEase.
Li Shen
Li Shen is Vice General Manager of the R&D Department, Interactive Entertainment Group, Tencent. He is in charge of Tencent's Game Engine Technology Center and Publishing Support Center.

Before joining Tencent, he was CTO of Epic Games China, heading game engine development; engineering studio manager of Ubisoft Shanghai, leading the development of AAA games, including several key titles of the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell franchise, such as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell I on PS2, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell II and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell IV.
Haining Wang
Happy Elements
Before Happy Elements, Haining served at Renren Inc (NYSE:RENN) as senior director. During that time, he was in charge of open platform, value added services operations for web-games and the development of social game for RENREN.COM. From 2001 to 2007, Haining worked in IBM、ORACLE、SAP in the areas of marketing, sales and consulting. At the beginning of 2000, Haining joined CHINAREN.COM as an early-stage employee and worked in its marketing department as well as the marketing department of SOHU.COM. Happy Elements has more than 600 employees including office in Japan,Shanghai and Taiwan. Its games are on App Store, Google Play, Tencent,Facebook,Android as well as other famous platforms around the world. Happy Elements is also one of the leading mobile and social game developers in Asian area.